Biyernes, Nobyembre 04, 2011

First College Buddies :|

I treasure my friends so much, make them happy and feel loved always. As I was browsing my FB pics a while ago I found this one and suddenly got to reminisce all those memories with them. Queen who’s wearing a purple dress and Miche on her pink dress, this two girls are definitely my first girl buddies when I entered college. (Photo taken during Neri’s debut) They are my blockmates when we were in first year with the course Entrepreneurial Management. Then we have our own separate ways almost a year ago because I shifted to tourism on my 2nd yr and Queen transferred to La Salle Canlubang. Miche is the one left with ENT together with her blockmates and we get to see each other if we have common break time. While Queen on the other hand, I get in touch with her through her tweets and FB posts. This two girls are great! I never had a messed up time when I’m with them. We have similarities on girly stuffs and were honest in everything. We do give each other compliments and advice over some things in life. It’s good to remember those happy times with them, I miss them terribly :( I hope we’ll be together soon. *Queen is going to graduate soon, I think 3 terms left. Goodluck girl! I wish her all the best. I love you girls!!!