Lunes, Abril 30, 2012


When I was deleting files in my laptop last night, I stumbled upon these photos above. These photos purely reminds me of what happened inside our dormitory room when we were all bored. I uploaded these photos a year ago and its album title is beating the boredom. I really miss those times having mini shoots inside our room they were just simple and fun to do with my gorgeous roomates.

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Linggo, Abril 29, 2012

Jazz Funk

This is what I wore in one of our dance guestings prior to school events :) Since our dance piece is of kinda jazz funk I opted to wear boots, harem pants and a neon top with matching neon shutter shades also :)) I feel like excessorizing that day so I wore a couple of rings, bangles, and a spiked leather bracelet. 
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"I am a nail polish junkie;aztec print"

Since I love painting my nails into different colors, patterns and prints, I decided to make a new section in my blog where I could share my passion in doing this nail art of mine. And I called it "I am a nail polish junkie". Before I challenged myself to do different nail art at least twice a month but I failed to do so because I am bombarded with school works everytime classes is on going. So I only have time to polish my nails if I have freetime and there's no work to do. And now since I'm experiencing summer staycation at times, I have more time to do what I love :> Other designs are inspired by what I see all over the net. I posted a nail art design before which I only copied at youtube, if you miss to see that here on my tumblr account here's the link:

Linggo, Abril 22, 2012

BIG Shift

Last Friday my orgmates and I attended the free sampling class offered by BIG Shift Creativ Centrale with our very talented trainer/choreographer Mr. Bernard Amistoso of Hotlegs :) It is a Dance and Kinetic Arts Studio for classes of different genres, rehearsals, performances and recitals. The ambiance of the place is very conducive for people who really have a heart for dancing. Free sampling classes started last April 9 and will end tomorrow. Official classes will start today April 23, 2012. It offers classes of different genres of dances like hiphop, jazz funk, bellydancing, and many more and of course with different professional choreographers to choose from:) For more lists of offered classes see poster below:)

Teacher B! Our jolly choreographer :) hihi. Proud student :>
Didn't took so much photos because it is prohibited inside the studio so might as well deal with these photos nlng. haha! And yeah we also saw Ms. Geleen Eugenio. She's very approachable and nice. We had some small talk with her.

Big Shift DANKA studios are located at 3F A. Venue Mall, Makati Avenue Makati City. Like their fan page here.
For the schedule of classes and more details kindly contact 9274739834+639998822556+639433327776+6325098871.
Have fun and express yourself through dancing :)

Caliraya Getaway

A photo diary of what happened during our Caliraya getaway with my dear PNF :D

2nd year of celebrating LOVE

Two years have just passed in making and celebrating each moment of love and happiness stronger and much better than before :) Many improvements and changes. I can say I became more mature now :> and that's with the help of panget<mr. awesome> I am very much thankful because I always have someone who's always here beside me all through out the ups and downs of my life. I love you paulo! 

Just a simple date. What matters most is our love for each other. hihi! _<cheesy:-D>

Denim Blues

Some of the shots in one of our concepts of our org's photoshoot. A denim with a touch of neon color and a character shoes. Tadaaahhh! Here's my outfit for that :) I want to have a nerdy look so I put on large frame glasses and it seems to be perfect with my full bangs :) More outfit posts this summer.

Martes, Abril 10, 2012

Must do this summer 2☼12

I know summer has officially started and we can all feel the unbearable heat that the sun gives us. But let me share you the things I would like to accomplish or do this summer! :)
☼Summer dance workshop
☼Buy new swimsuit, shades, and havs
☼Caliraya outing with PNF
☼Have a new look
☼Work on my back blogs
☼Celebrate my 20th birthday! :)
☼Pamper myself as a gift
☼Do more nailart
☼Outfits are more orange, green and yellow or any neon color that defines summer
☼Visit and have a date with some of my HS friends
☼Jot down possible projects for the org this coming schoolyear. (Nyay! I know school matters must be off this summer but I can’t help myself not to think of it, now that I have a greater responsibility for the group)
☼Upload my drawings/sketches :)
☼Have time to jog with my cousins during weekends
☼More time with my family
☼Clean my room
☼Update and design my planner
☼Take random photos of what I will do this summer
☼More summer activities as much as possible
☼SWIM of course! (summer will not be complete without this!)
☼Enjoy and Relax!!!

Linggo, Abril 08, 2012

Melon Yogurt Parfait

A mix of melon bits + yogurt + raisins + nuts + cereals.
Live a healthy life :)

Biyernes, Abril 06, 2012


Last March 28, my friends and I had an overnight at mia's pad in bf homes. We had chitchats, cooked food, ate a lot, soundtrip and confortable sleep :) Though there were no vodkas and tequila around we enjoyed staying there :) Unforgettable moment: Freaked out due to bathroom wall knock :/ S-C-A-R-Y

Sorry for the last photo. WASTED :|