Lunes, Pebrero 20, 2012

Sparks got spirit!

OMG. It's been a week since my lovely Sparks performed in ULS during the Cheerdance Competition and I miss them already :| Eventhough this is my first time to join the cheerdance competition and meet all of them It was like I've known them even before. Those laughs and bonding moments we had during rehearsals are the best and forever will be cherished. Cheers to Sparks and CIHM for winning the 2nd place in the cheerdance competition<Back-to-back victory> Til next year as we strive to be the champion :) 

Kuya Red and Mommy Gem our dearest choreographers :))


Linggo, Pebrero 19, 2012


This is how I spent my Valentines Day last Feb14. Best VDAY ever. Thanks to Mr. Awesome for the wonderful surprise. Started my day with a BIG SMILE. Sooo happy. :> :) :D

Watta sweet morning surprise <Flowers and Brownies Cake> from ❤P

Erin and Bes also got a surprise from their boyfies too. Thank God because its Open House in our dorm that day :)

Mirienda @ White Hat

Celebrated Baby Gab’s 1st Bday @ Dencios

Martes, Pebrero 07, 2012

Francine's 18th

Yeah super late post. But definitely one of the awesome birthday celebrations I attended to this year.It happened a month ago when our so called "Bebe" celebrated her legally 18th birthday :> This day was very tiring because I have my class in the morning then off to manila to run some org's errands then at evening went to Alabang to celebrate her birthday. But it all paid off when I have quality time with my friends. :) Here are some of the photos during her birthday celeb :) Simple yet memorable.

( How I wish I also have a sweet sister like her :|)

-Watta reunion!! We missed you PAT!!! :))

Bebe's first love ♥ J

Second, just recently haha :) <peace bebe> ♥ P

Biyernes, Pebrero 03, 2012

Shirt+Shorts+High top shoes

Kinda late post once again here on my blogspot account. Been busy for the past 2 weeks anyway as you can see on my photos below Katy Perry ang peg ko because of my hair. haha:> Supposedly we have a dance guesting last last saturday but something came up and it didn’t pushed through. Instead I took advantage of taking outfit posts after. 

Formspring account

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