Biyernes, Nobyembre 04, 2011

2 way purpose last October 31

Last Monday October 31, 2011 my family and I had a two-way purpose in going to Loyola Memorial Park. First, to visit the graveyard of our love ones and pray for them and lastly to be reunited again once in a while. My tito who is from Marikina came along with his family and its good to hear great stories from them. We prayed, ate, exchanged stories and laugh. But then again at the end of the day were incomplete because of Kuya Julius absence he weren't able to come due to some urgent appointment of his client. 

Mickay's home-made brownies :) yummy.

Slicing the brownies :)

Blessing the food first before we eat

Tita Susan and Ninang Tess

Fam pic


Ninang and Ninong

My closest cousin Mickay!