Sabado, Enero 07, 2012

Nail Art Challenge 001

I challenge myself to do different nail art designs for the entire year 2012:) And here’s my entry no.1 for that :)


Biyernes, Enero 06, 2012

Two Hearts Unite

Last December 27, I went to bicol for a purpose because I attended my cousin's wedding. Everytime I see couples exchanging vows during their wedding ceremony I cannot stop myself from thinking of my own wedding in the future:) hihi. On how it will goes like, what will be the motif? What church will it be? Where is the reception and many more. Someday, I know that day will come and hopefully will blog about it here:) It's my first time that I attended a wedding in our province and I thought it will still be the traditional one. But I was wrong. hihi:)) Modernized na nga talaga ngayon. But to my shock of celebrating the wedding, still quite traditional. Why? because there was a 3-day celebration of it with lotsa FOODS:) (Before the wedding date-Right after the wedding ceremony-After the wedding date) That's why no wonder I gain 3 pounds for just 3 weeks including the noche buena of course and new year's eve celebration.

And of course we took advantage of this little short vacation to visit some of the most famous tourist attractions in Bicol :) Top most is the Mayon Volcano!! Eventhough I've seen this a couple of times before still I enjoyed taking pictures of it:> *Sorry for the few photos.

Linggo, Enero 01, 2012

The Little Things She Needs

The Little Things She Needs is an Indonesian brand that offers affordable, comfortable and trendy fashion finds without compromising quality. Mainly, The Little Things She Needs is a shoe brand but since they like to cater to most if not all the wants of every fashionista out there, they offer cool and hip fashion jewelries and accessories as well. The Little Things She Needs has over 19 stores in Indonesia, 3 stores in Singapore, and is currently making it's way to Thailand.
The Little Things She Needs caters to women who are fashion-forward and who always want to standout. These girls know how to carry themselves well. The Little Things She Needs' customers always look their best. They are independent, adventurous and absolutely empowered; totally "It Girls" of today. ♥

Their first ever store is located at Eastwood Citywalk and soon to have one at Robinsons Galleria. Do you love their accessories, shoes and other stuff. Well some bloggers (Ava Te, Aisa Ipac, Sarah Tirona, Lissa Kahayon) are giving away gift certificates for their lovely readers. Giveaway will end on January 4, 2012.