Lunes, Hunyo 18, 2012

Cultura Verde

One Country. One Color. One Culture.


Linggo, Hunyo 17, 2012

PAG Synergy 2012

One of the most anticipated event of the year is the PAG Synergy wherein the 7 performing arts group in DLSU-D reunite once again and this is done annually. It is more on team building activities to strengthen the friendship and skills of members of PAG. Last June 8-10 we had our PAG Synergy at Costa Marino Resort in Lemery,Batangas. But this time I wasn't a player anymore nor a member of one team. boohoo :| But a marshal. haha. Nyay anyway here are some photos :)

Yellow team!

Blue Team!

Green Team!

Red Team!

Korean inspired food presentations!

The hosts for PAG Girl event :))
More blog posts coming on various events during the jampacked week I had. wew.

Kisses and hugs,

Linggo, Hunyo 10, 2012

Peninsula Manila

Last week, we had a dance guesting at Peninsula Manila during the Ansi Corporation 25th Anniversary. It was fun most especially with the people who makes you laugh til the end of night. And yes another good time with my PNF Family :> :) :D

Kulitan Moments

Froyo  time at Golden Spoon after  our performance

Hype  my  look  here

xoxo Ally

Linggo, Hunyo 03, 2012

First Dance AY12-13

Our first dance guesting for AY 12-13 during the Freshmen Orientation of CIHM last May 27 :) Unifying colors! Love our costumes? :) :> Hope soo. hihi. Meet my dance organization "LPNFDC" :> Expect the absent days here in my blog from time to time, huhu :| I'm so busy nowadays for our recruitment and rehearsals. Anyway, opening of classes is fast approaching and can't wait to see my friends again.