Miyerkules, Abril 04, 2012

Summer Inspirations

SUMMER has officially arrived :) With the intense heat I can feel everyday I want to rush to the beach and swim forever. HAHA :> :D (OA? but honestly speaking that’s what I feel) Anyway, here are my summer inspirations:) I’m starting to love wearing clothes with a touch of neon and aztec prints also :)) Yellow+Green+Orange=SUMMER

Too bad I forgot who she is and what’s the name of her style :|

Desert Yellow by Aliya A.

Brighter days ahead by Layla A.

 Spring-Sprung by Teff F. 

Crayons pass me by by Jodie W.

Tamarindo beach by Katie B.

Hello rainbow by Anaivilo B.

Seeing Stars by Elle Y.

Summer Filing by Camille Co