Martes, Abril 10, 2012

Must do this summer 2☼12

I know summer has officially started and we can all feel the unbearable heat that the sun gives us. But let me share you the things I would like to accomplish or do this summer! :)
☼Summer dance workshop
☼Buy new swimsuit, shades, and havs
☼Caliraya outing with PNF
☼Have a new look
☼Work on my back blogs
☼Celebrate my 20th birthday! :)
☼Pamper myself as a gift
☼Do more nailart
☼Outfits are more orange, green and yellow or any neon color that defines summer
☼Visit and have a date with some of my HS friends
☼Jot down possible projects for the org this coming schoolyear. (Nyay! I know school matters must be off this summer but I can’t help myself not to think of it, now that I have a greater responsibility for the group)
☼Upload my drawings/sketches :)
☼Have time to jog with my cousins during weekends
☼More time with my family
☼Clean my room
☼Update and design my planner
☼Take random photos of what I will do this summer
☼More summer activities as much as possible
☼SWIM of course! (summer will not be complete without this!)
☼Enjoy and Relax!!!