Lunes, Disyembre 19, 2011

Me&U sweet giveaway

Remember the contest I told you on my previous blog post? Now here it is.I know it’s super late but then again same reason Ive been too busy for school because prelim just ended and I have to comply with all the requirements before christmas break.

Well anyway let me first tell you what the contest is all about. It is the me&u awesome giveaway of Seph&Shai of lovechic that I joined. Since they are the new brand  endorsers Me&U sponsored one of their blog giveways. The mechanics are just easy all you have to do is post a picture of yourself answering the question where do you feel most at home? Garnering a total of 192 likes last november 30 which is the deadline of the said giveaway, I got to win the first prize which is the OH SHIT LAMP. Actually I did post my entry just 4 days before the deadline date and Im thankful to my lovely friends who liked my photo before it hits the deadline. Thank you so much!

This is my official entry:>

Me and You, two of the most important people in this world. Me&U’s main mission is to give you the best selection of international brands that offer eccentric or couple-themed gifts that would suit any occasion.

Me&U Shop is the first ever special concept store to offer couple-themed products with classy and modern styles. Being internationally made, the brands are exclusively being retailed here in the Philippines under Me&U and are already renowned for the uniqueness and specialty of each item. Targeting a specific niche on the market, Me&U strives to be the best gift destination that people would think of when they want to give their loved ones a piece of their hearts through these items embodying “stuffs for togetherness.”

This is the prize that I won :> Thank you so much Me&U!!!

Lovechic’s blog is one of my daily reads and I totally admire this couple for having a good sense of fashion. And oh I was so happy to meet them last December 3 at Bloggers United 2. They’re such a sweet and lovely couple. Get to know them better by following them on twitter and on tumblr. Be inspired of their lovechic romance and be inlove on their sense of fashion.

Thank you also to Seph and Shai :> Spread more love <3 :*

**Info from Me&U website