Huwebes, Disyembre 22, 2011

Awesome Planners for 2012 ♥

Just like every year, 2012 will be hectic, full of time conflicts, appointments, and events. Keep them on track and organized with a planner and I'm sure everything will be fine. And because I'm one of those thousands of people who goes gaga over planners before a year would start again, I made a compilation of planners that you might love for 2012. Enjoy and browse their sites for more info :>
Belle De Jour Power Planner
Are you a certified bella who loves to travel? Well this might be for you. This year's BDJ Planner theme goes a twist with adventure, exploration and travelling. Every year with the Belle de Jour Power Planner, it hopes to empower Filipinas to try, to dare, to experience, to achieve and to live! It is especially made for the Pinay fashionista achiever. Designed based on time management principles to help you live life to the fullest! And with over 60 coupons from various brands to help you keep in style! Sounds awesome isn't it? Grab one now.
And Yes! I'm proud to be a certified BDJ Girl for 3 years now and coming. Have an awesome year ahead my dear bellas!

Monthly tools

Weekly layout features

Letter to self/ 2012 goals

Vacation planner

Dream Board and Health Chechklist

FILED! fuses ORGANIZATION in STYLE in products that provide solutions to the dynamic needs of today's stylish young generation! Are you a person who loves to doodle whatever is on your mind? Well maybe this planner is perfect for you! Filed planner for 2012 has a doodle theme that is great for a creative person. Open your mind for more doodles and go crazy with the Filed 2012 planner!

Geared up with a strap that lets your colorful pens be with your planner wherever you go!

This is how the doodles every month look a like :>

Design your Life Planner

The future is bright with the DYL 2012 Planner! Infused with fluorescent colors, this planner is the first of its kind in the Philippines. Get in touch with your playful side because vibrant colors brings to a happier you! :) Planning and organizing your life has never been this eye-poppingly fun! Design Your Life! Make your life more colorful with this planner :>

Think Awesome Planner

This planner is merely for awesome thinkers, a little creativity and open-mindedness will spice up this planner. And great ideas come to those who know how to plan them. Start by filling a page of your life with precious ideas on your Think Awesome Planner. Think!Think!Think! And be challenge with your own ideas. Let them be put into reality by dealing up with this planner.

Sample monthly tools of this planner.

The Last Planner You'll Ever have 2012

The Planner speaks to itself. Did you already guess what is the planner theme? :>
It's 2012! For most people, they say it's the end of the world (as they say). You'll be curious enough on what this planner is all about. It gives theories on how the world will end and likewise on how can you survive with it, bucket lists, template letters and many more. 

Anymore awesome planners to recommend so that I’ll be adding it to this post feel free to e-mail me at Hope to hear more from you :>