Huwebes, Disyembre 01, 2011

Making holiday a productive day :>

These are the random things I did yesterday. And because its a holiday I promised to myself to be productive. Did some chores and accomplished all the pending tasks. I woke up late at around 12 noon but I can say I’ve been productive for the whole day. Cheers!! This is an unusual thing for me during holidays but due to some GV I made it. HAHA :))

First stop: Clean our dormitory room.

It was such a mess before but Erin and I had been able to fix all the things to be in order. Joined forces!! 

Before :(


Fixed my closet as well.

Next: Made name plates for our closet and paint my toenails once again.

Lastly: Got to bond with my dormates together with Karlo @Starbucks :>

By the way to all the people who liked my entry at the me&u giveaway of seph and shai of LOVECHIC, thank you so much. I really appreciate it for helping me win the prize. Good news!! I won the said giveaway :) hihi. I’ll make a separate blogpost for that when my prize arrived. Thank you once again! :>