Linggo, Hunyo 17, 2012

PAG Synergy 2012

One of the most anticipated event of the year is the PAG Synergy wherein the 7 performing arts group in DLSU-D reunite once again and this is done annually. It is more on team building activities to strengthen the friendship and skills of members of PAG. Last June 8-10 we had our PAG Synergy at Costa Marino Resort in Lemery,Batangas. But this time I wasn't a player anymore nor a member of one team. boohoo :| But a marshal. haha. Nyay anyway here are some photos :)

Yellow team!

Blue Team!

Green Team!

Red Team!

Korean inspired food presentations!

The hosts for PAG Girl event :))
More blog posts coming on various events during the jampacked week I had. wew.

Kisses and hugs,